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Who We Are

WE HAVE 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE is a leading platform in the Caribbean international property market, attracting more than 1 million people monthly and generating over $500 million USD in qualified leads for brokers, agents, developers, and partners.

Luxury is the boost that your high-end properties deserve

.Therajon Listings is a comprehensive advertising property platform that brings together worldwide buyers, sellers, and real estate agents in one location, allowing your luxury property to be showcased and your ideal home to be discovered.

One Therajon listing focuses solely on facilitating connections between luxury real estate brokers, agents, companies, house purchasers, and luxury property investors. Customers can quickly and easily access our extensive list of high-end property listings across Europe, ensuring that the right buyers see your properties.


One Therajon has the largest selection of luxury homes to offer in the most chic and renowned places in Florida and The Caribbean.

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Prince Maddox

Prince Maddox

Lisa Yarde

Lisa Yarde

CEO - Kliek Media Group

Our Team

Professional Team

Lisa Yarde is marking a decade in the Caribbean & Florida real estate marketing sector, achieving numerous multimillion-dollar listings and leading the Global Entertainment Agency, Kliek Media Group. Her expertise lies in luxury real estate marketing, negotiation, and sales.

We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help fin-tech companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch UI/UX.

Our Mission

We support equitable and transparent property markets globally, accessible to all. We established a single ONE THERAJON listing in 2019.

We are currently the largest property listings search site globally, featuring over 3 million Residential, Commercial, Vacation, and Land listings uploaded monthly throughout 35 Caribbean Islands and Florida, with continuous growth. All properties are currently available for sale, rent, auction, or exchange.

Our primary goal is to connect individuals, real estate, data, and markets globally in a more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective way by utilizing AI, data, innovation, and scale. End.


The company owns and operates extensive property listings search systems and associated advertising services worldwide.


The company provides its global structured and unstructured real estate market data through personalized API feeds.


The company provides its search technology and platform architecture to enterprise clients such as Media, Businesses, Associations, and Governments globally through licensing agreements.


The company independently owns and maintains the top-ranked Caribbean Luxury Lifestyle Magazine website, THERAJON LUXURY, on Google.

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